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Why is the cost of mold opening so high?

Why is the cost of mold opening so high?

  • 2020/10/21
When you are ready to produce the products to test market, do you want to directly find the mould factory to make a mold to processing? When you receive the mould cost, you may ask why its cost is so high?

When you have a general understanding of the mould manufacturing process, you probably don’t think it’s expensive.

The mould manufacturing process generally includes: product analysis- mould design- simulation analysis- purchase of raw materials– machining– surface treatment– mould matching- trial mould- delivery.

Mould cost is a relative concept, depending on the product. Different requirements of different products lead to different mould materials, different processing difficulty and processing time, and the complexity of the product will also cause different mould design time.

Intuitive impression that the mould cost is high, generally higher in the following parts:
1.  Mouldlife and strength requirements the mould material is different from the materials used in general products. Most moulds are made of high-strength mould steel, and the unit price of the material is often several times that of the product material.

2.  The mouldhas a large volume, and the materials used are all processed from solid steel, so the blank material consumed is heavy.

3.  The precision requirements of mouldparts are high, and the processing is time-consuming. From blanks to mould drawings require a large amount of cutting.

4.  There are many mould processing steps and many processes: turning, drilling, milling, boring, grinding, sawing, polishing, heat treatment (annealing, quenching, carburizing, nitriding, etc.), EDM, WEDM, assembly, etc.
The equipment used in different processes is often different, which will also cause the mould cost to rise.

5.  Mould manufacturers have many equipments, high fixed assets, many management personnel, and management and sales expenses will be correspondingly high.

6. Mould processing equipment is expensive.

7. The salary of the moulddesigner is different. The design time of the mould is different for different complexity. The time * the salary of the design / simulation staff causes the high cost of mould.

8. High administrative costs. Compared with other industries (injection, stamping), mould processing has relatively high technical requirements and relatively high added value. Therefore, the general management costs of mould factories are relatively high, and the required profit margin is also high.

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