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What's The Application of CNC Technology in Machinery Manufacturing?

What's The Application of CNC Technology in Machinery Manufacturing?

  • 2020/11/03
The application of CNC technology in the field of machining and manufacturing can meet the needs of modern society for product diversification and the requirements of product upgrading, and it can also promote the development of machinery manufacturing in the direction of precision, modernization, technology and intelligence. That makes the machinery manufacturing industry has achieved faster development, improving the market competitiveness of machinery manufacturing enterprises, and further improving the efficiency and quality of machinery and equipment production.

1. Application in industrial production

The application of CNC technology in industrial production enables industrial production machinery and equipment to fully adapt to the increasingly complex production environment, and can use technical operations and advanced equipment to complete operations that cannot be completed manually, reducing the difficulty of mechanical equipment production and increase productivity.
In the actual application of CNC technology and industrial production, the effective control of the manipulator can be realized through computer control, and the control degree and process can be recorded in the corresponding system according to the standard requirements. After the basic operation is completed, the system can realize real-time monitoring and find violations in time and take effective measures to protect it.
The use of scientific CNC processing in industrial production can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce workload and labor intensity, thereby promoting the improvement of industrial production quality and safety.
In addition, the application of CNC technology to heavy industry production can change the lack of precision in manual design and manufacturing, and can make mechanical design more scientific and reasonable through digital calculation and processing, thereby improving the overall fluency and technicality of heavy industry.

2. Application in the automobile industry

With the rapid development of society, the demand for cars is increasing, and higher requirements are put forward for the performance of cars. In the automobile industry, the use of CNC machining technology can solve complex auto parts processing and innovation problems, especially in the application of relatively complex small-batch production of mechanical parts, which can give full play to the role of CNC machining technology. Not only it satisfies various requirements of automobile production, and can effectively improve the precision and efficiency of production.

3. Application in mining, aviation and other mechanical equipment

The application of CNC machining technology in the production of mining machinery and aerospace machinery and equipment can not only increase production output and reduce the difficulty of machining, but also meet the requirements for high efficiency and small batch production.
For example, in the welding and cutting of mining machinery and equipment, CNC gas cutting technology can be used to replace the traditional cutting method, which can efficiently complete the cutting work of mining machinery and equipment, and ensure the quality and efficiency of the work. In addition, cutting seam compensation equipment can be designed, and CNC gas cutting can be used for automatic adjustment, so as to achieve more precise blank production.
The application of CNC fabrication to the production of aerospace machinery and equipment can make full use of the high precision and low cutting force of the technology to avoid quality problems such as weak rigidity in the production of machinery and equipment, and also reduce production costs.

4. Application in 3D printing equipment

The application of CNC Machining technology to 3D printing equipment avoids repeated and complex operations, makes small batch production more convenient and lower cost, and can effectively improve the efficiency and quality of production.

For example, in a CNC machine tool, the use of a production adapter and a computer control system can turn the CNC machine tool into a 3D printer, establish a computer model and solid modeling, and convert the model on the plane drawing into a three-dimensional model, and finally become a metal product used in industrial production. This operation eliminates many complicated intermediate links, and also reduces the use of metals and other raw materials.

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