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  • What is Jiamei's custom service in acrylic fabrication
    • Jul 01, 2020

    Jiamei Group are based in Shenzhen China and boast many years experience in acrylic fabrications. Jiamei are capable of manufacturing everything from point of sale equipment to bespoke acrylic work. K2 are a Perspex approved fabricator who also have relationships with all the major acrylic brands in the world. Acrylic fabrication is at the heart of Jiamei’s expertise. Our acrylic laser cutting sys...

  • Acrylic Laser Cutting Introduction
    • Aug 26, 2020

    The principle of acrylic processing laser cutting Acrylic laser cutting is to use a focusing mirror to focus the laser beam on the surface of the material to melt the material, and at the same time use the compressed gas coaxial with the laser beam to blow away the melted material, and make the laser beam and the material move relative to each other along a certain track. Form a cut of a certain s...

  • 5 Reasons to Switch to Laser Cutting Service
    • Oct 13, 2020

    Are you looking for a more efficient and cost-effective process to cut and engrave your products or parts? Laser cutting and laser engraving service are increasing in popularity over traditional multi-station punch processing, especially in the United States. How does laser cutting work? A laser cutting machine uses a laser beam to cut materials such as acrylic, plastic, and metal. The beam is dir...

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